Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal


The Clintons fired the White House Travel Office, after serving 7 Presidents.

After the inauguration in 1993, the Clinton’s fired the White House Travel Office employees, allowing their wealthy Hollywood friends, to take over the lucrative travel business, this lead to investigations by the FBI, DOJ, GAO, Oversight Committee and the Whitewater independent counsel.

Wealthy Clinton friends took over the Travel Business, worth $31 million annually.

Hillary Clinton was at the center of five investigations.

The Clinton’s claimed the firings were due to financial misdeeds, but the employees were cleared on all accounts. Hillary Clinton allegedly played a central role in the firings. Yet in her sworn testimony she claimed she was not involved. The independent counsel found this to be factually inaccurate and that she made factually false statements.

Hillary Clinton made “factually false statements” in sworn testimony.

The Clintons were forced to remove their friends and reinstate the previous employees.

Vince Foster’s Death

Vince Foster, the long-time friend and companion of Hillary Clinton, was significantly involved in several Clinton scandals due to the strange circumstances surrounding his death in 1993 an investigation ensued.

Foster’s death in 1993 led to an investigation, due to the strange circumstances.

Before police arrived, Clinton staffers illegally removed boxes of documents on Travelgate, Whitewater, etc.

Hillary Care

President Clinton put his wife in charge of the most expensive program in the country.

National outrage as the unqualified First Lady was put in charge of America’s health care.

There was a national outrage that the unelected, unqualified First Lady was going to design America’s healthcare system.

Hillary Clinton admitted “I’m not an expert on Healthcare. I’m not somebody who has studied it.” The Presidential Task Force on National Health Care Reform was shrouded in secrecy.

In a 1993 interview, Hillary Clinton admitted, “I’m not an expert on Healthcare. I’m not somebody who has studied it.” Hillary Clinton kept the Presidential Task Force on National Health Care Reform shrouded in such secrecy that a federal judge threatened to hold the administration in contempt.

Hillary Clinton’s health care plan was a 1,342 page nightmare:

Gate Keepers Health Alliances Purchasing Cooperatives New and Higher Taxes Restrictions On Choosing Doctors

Physicians, hospitals, businesses, insurance companies, Democrats, Republicans and the public rebelled. The program failed disastrously!

Two years later the Healthcare plan was a 1,342 page nightmare: including gate keepers, health alliances, purchasing cooperatives, new and higher taxes and restrictions on choosing doctors. Physicians, hospitals, large and small businesses, insurance companies, democrats, republicans and the general public rejected the program and it failed disastrously.

Hillary Clinton’s Health Care fiasco cost taxpayers $32 million.

Hillary Clinton and others were fined $450,000 for dishonesty.

Court cost to taxpayers were $725,000.

In 1996, with Hillary Care fresh in their minds, Americans voted both the Senate and the House into republican hands for the first time in over a four decades.

Whitewater Investigation

The Whitewater Development Corporation, the Clinton’s real estate venture, with Jim and Susan McDougal, was investigated for fraud.

In 1994, President Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, initiated an investigation focusing on fraud accusations against the Clinton’s regarding their real estate venture, Whitewater Development Corporation co-owned with their friends, Jim and Susan McDougal.

Hillary Clinton was the central figure in the scandal and the only First Lady ever subpoenaed by a Grand Jury.

Hillary Clinton was the central figure and the prob reveled pervasive conflicts of interest between the Rose Law Firm where Hillary Clinton was partner and its client, Madison Guaranty owned by Clinton business partner Jim McDougal. Billing Records, claimed to have been lost, were presumed stolenfrom Vince Foster’s office the night he died. The “missing” documents reappeared in the Clinton residence, following their acquittal.

Hillary Clinton’s firm, Rose Law and its client Madison Guaranty, owned by McDougal, were found to have pervasive conflicts. Hillary Clinton claimed billing records sapient and critical to the investigation were lost. It is presumed they were stolen from Vince Foster’s office, the night he died. Nineteen months later, following the Clinton’s acquittal, many of the ‘missing records’ reappeared in the Clinton’s residence as they were covered with Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints, she fell under suspicion of obstruction of justice.

Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints were on the records and she fell under suspicion of obstruction of justice.

Susan McDougal refused to testify against the Clintons. She went to prison and was pardoned by President Clinton.

15 Clinton friends and associates were convicted of 40 federal crimes.

Independent Counsel:

“The President’s abundant and calculating lies under oath, obstruction of justice and abuse of power….” The Whitewater investigations cost taxpayers $145 million.

The independent counsel’s report highlighted, “the President’s abundant and calculating lies under oath, obstruction of justice and abuse of power.” During this case many other alleged abuses were uncovered. The four and half year expanded investigation cost taxpayers $145 million.


Hillary Clinton’s trades in cattle futures, raised suspicions of improprieties as her very first trade of $5,000 quickly turned into over $490,000.

She refused to release her tax returns.

Hillary Clinton insisted she made all investments herself. Her trades were actually made by James Blair, through the brokerage firm Refco.

James Blair was outside counsel for Tyson Foods, the largest employer in our counsel, which is state-regulated. The perception was Mrs. Clinton received preferential treatment an incredible financial returns as a way the Governor favor with her husband then Governor of our counsel.

Refco was investigated and paid the largest fines in the exchange’s history.


The Clinton Administration improperly requested and received FBI background reports on 900 Republican officials.

Hillary Clinton allegedly initiated this request for her “Enemies List”.

Hillary Clinton allegedly initiated the request to add data to her “Enemies List”, leading to three separate investigations in 1996.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee and the Whitewater Independent Counsel each investigated.

The White House Office of Personnel Security Director refused to name Mrs. Clinton and was forced to resign.

In testimony, The White House Personnel Security Director refused to name Hillary Clinton as the source of the request and he was forced to resign.

Hillary Clinton claimed she was guiltless and was called “A congenital liar” in the New York Times.

The Clinton Legal Defense Fund

The fund was established so individuals or companies hoping to garner favor with the President, could help pay the Clintons’ endless legal bills.


In 1996, the Justice Department investigated campaign fundraising abuses and cover-ups by the Clinton’s in connection with an effort by China to influence administration policies in violation of U.S. law.

Agents for the Chinese government and military funneled millions into the Clinton re-election campaign, Clinton Legal Defense Fund and the DNC.

The DOJ’s report stated, a pattern of events suggests a level of knowledge within the White House, including the President’s and First Lady’s offices concerning the injection of foreign funds into the reelection effort.

IRS Abuses

The Clintons were accused of using the IRS to harass their enemies including Republicans Politicians, the White House Travel Office, the NRA, Judicial Watch, the Heritage Foundation and other conservative organizations.

Senior IRS official admitted Clinton opponents were singled out for audits.

Bill Clinton’s female accusers were also audited, including Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Elizabeth Ward Gracen.


As he was leaving office in January 2001, President Clinton pardoned 450 people for crimes ranging from cocaine trafficking to kidnapping and terrorism. Several pardons personally benefited Hillary Clinton and were investigated for direct ties to her New York senate bid.

Marc Rich, a billionaire fugitive, owed the government over $160 million and was charged with tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering and trading with Iran. Richie’s ex-wife Denise Rich a close friend of the Clinton’s donated over $600,000 to the Clinton Presidential Library just prior to the pardon. Mrs. Rich also gave $14,000 to the Clinton Legal Defense Fund and $135,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Senate Campaign. 

The New Square Four were elders of a republican voting hasidic community, convicted of defrauding the government of millions of dollars. Candidate Clinton, met with their grand rabbi. Hillary Clinton received their votes and the New Square Four received their pardons. Hillary Clinton claimed, I did not play any role, whatsoever in the pardons.

Hillary Clinton’s brother at lawyer, Hugh Rodham, charged high fees to use his family influence to obtain presidential pardons. Carlos Vignali, a Los Angeles drug lord, paid Rodham over $500,000 and his sentence for cocaine trafficking was commuted. Almon Braswell, a scam artist paid Rodham over $250,000 and was pardoned for defrauding senior citizens of millions of dollars.

FALN Terrorists

FALN terrorists exploded 138 bombs in New York City, Chicago and Puerto Rico. 13 people were killed and over 80 maimed.

New York City Councilman, Jose Rivera, met with Hillary Clinton proposing pardons for FALN members in return for Puerto Rican support in her Senate race, two days later, President Clinton pardoned 16 FALN terrorist.

President Clinton, two days later, freed 16 FALN members, convicted on murder, terrorism and weapons charges.

Democrats, Republicans, the FBI, U.S. Attorney, Federal Bureau of Prisons and Fraternal Order of Police condemned the pardons.

Congress requested additional information but President Clinton claimed Executive Privilege, preventing anyone involved from testifying.

Hillary Clinton claimed “no involvement in or prior knowledge of the decision.”

Former Democratic President, Jimmy Carter, called these shameless pardons disgraceful.

Senate Candidate Clinton Campaign Finance Investigations

Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign fundraiser was the largest election fraud in history. Peter Paul (convicted felon) financed the entire event, in violation of Federal Elections Statues.

The largest political fundraiser in U.S. history became the largest election fraud in history. In the year 2000 the fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate race was attended by 1,300 people, including the Hollywood Elite and The Democratic Leadership. In violation a Federal Election Statues, an individual, Peter Paul, financed the entire event. Peter Paul was also a convicted cocaine trafficker.

Hillary Clinton, in violation, was involved with the solicitation of funds and coordination of the gala.

In violation Hillary Clinton requested in writing an additional $150,000 from Peter Paul in untraceable securities.

The Clinton Campaign’s filings with the Federal Elections Committee stated the event only cost $500,000. The actual price tag was $1.5 million.

Hillary Clinton was fined over $50,000 for “purposely underreporting” the cost of the event, the largest fine in history. Hillary Clinton ignored FBI warnings and accepted $900,000 from felon Norman Hsu.

Hillary Clinton’s Senate tenure was undistinguished. In seven years she introduced only three minor bills, which became law, including the naming of a Post Office.

Senator Clinton helped secure millions in federal assistance for a New York developer, who donated $120,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Senator Clinton did not support English as the official language of the United States government.

Senator Clinton enthusiastically voted for the Iraq War.

Hillary Clinton ignored Senate rules and reporting requirements for the hiring staff and non-paid fellows, breaking the Senate Code of official Conduct and hiding multiple conflicts of interest. She was investigated by the Senate Select Committee on Ethics.

2008 Presidential Candidate Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s long history of campaign finance abuses continued.

Jeffrey Thompson and other fundraising bundlers for her failed 2008 Presidential campaign pled guilty to conspiracy and campaign finance law violations. In the primaries, democrats nominated the little-known Junior Senator Obama over the well-known scandal ridden Hillary Clinton.

Madam Secretary

In 2009, President Obama nominated Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

In 2014 the State Department’s spokesperson was asked to identify one tangible achievement from Hillary Clinton’s four years as Secretary of State. She responded, I am certain those who are here at the time, who worked hard on that effort could point out one.

The Clinton State Department wasted $80 million on a U.S. Consulate in northern Afghanistan, which will never be completed.

Under Clinton’s name, the Foreign Service gathered details on foreign diplomats, our allies and officials of the UN, including internet usernames, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, fingerprints, frequent flier account numbers and work schedules.

The Clinton State Department lost $6 billion due to the improper filing of contracts.

Hillary Clinton refused requests by the FBI, CIA and DOJ to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group. 300 school girls were later kidnapped.

The FBI, CIA and the DOJ requested that Boko Haram be designated as a terrorist group. So the agencies could pursue them. Secretary Clinton declined and the group continued its rein of terror including the kidnapping of 300 school girls in Nigeria.

State Department Scandals and Cover-ups

Hillary Clinton called off internal investigations into her State Department. Sexual assaults by State Department security officials in Beirut. “Endemic” engagement of prostitutes by Hillary Clinton’s security detail. Drug use by State Department contractors in Bagdad. Solicitation of child male prostitutes by U.S. Ambassador to Belgium.

A special investigator for the State Department claims probs into illegal acts by the Diplomatic Security Service and ambassadors were influenced, manipulated or simply called off under Hillary Clinton. These include sexual assaults by State Department security officials in Beirut, endemic engagement of prostitutes by Hillary Clinton’s security detail. Drug use by State Department contractors in Bagdad. Solicitation of child male prostitutes by U.S. Ambassador to Belgium.

Secretary Clinton’s spokeperson claimed Hillary Clinton had no knowledge of any of the scandals in her State Department: “We learned of it from the media and don’t know anything beyond what’s been reported.”

Benghazi Terrorist Attack Cover-up

As Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time. She is at the heart of the cover-up investigation. When she finally testify to Congress four months after the attack she famously stated, “the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest? Or was it because guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point does it make?”

Hillary Clinton insisted she submitted all documents requested. 20 months later, 41 new documents were released.

Hillary Clinton testified that she submitted all documents requested by Congress. 20 months later, and only through a Freedom of Information Act request 41 new documents were released, including changes to ambassadors Susan Rice’s talking points, more documents are stilling being withheld.

The State Department is still withholding more documents.

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants. -Justice Louis Brandeis

Clinton Secrets

The Presidential Records Act allows restricted access to documents for 12 years. 14 years later, the Clintons are still withholding thousands of documents.

The Presidential Records Act allows restricted access to documents for 12 years after leaving office. Now 14 years later, the Clintons are still withholding thousands of records from the public.

The Clinton have ignored 300 Freedom of Information Act requests, suggesting more damaging revelations.

Clinton Foundation Conflicts of Interest

It is difficult to separate the Clintons’ personal and political financial ventures from those of the Clinton Foundation.

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation Conflicts of Interest

The New York Times expose on the Clinton Foundation details moral and fiscal chaos, shameless fundraising and calls it, mired in conflicts of interest. Run by old Clinton friends, it has been grossly mismanaged and despite enormous donations ran multi-million deficits. Already rife with conflicts of interest the Foundation’s offices are now shared by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign moved into the Clinton Foundation offices.

Americans can give $2,300 to presidential candidates, but there are no limits on donations to foundations. Hillary Clinton cannot legally accept campaign donations from foreigners but no restrictions apply to foundations.

Secretary of State Clinton traveled to Moscow and pressed the Russian government to purchase planes from Boeing. Two months later, contract in hand, Boeing donated $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

The Foundation’s support from foreign interest hoping to influence U.S. policy is of grave concern. Foreign donations to the Foundation increased by 70% when Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008.

Saudi Arabia has financed terrorists, has an abysmal women’s rights record and punishes homosexuality by death. And yet, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest supporters of the Clinton Foundation.

In a Clinton co-presidency, every large donation could raise suspicions of improprieties or influence peddling and lead to non-stop investigations.

Many qualified and deserving politicians, democrat and republican, women and men are waiting to lead this country.

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. -George Santayana

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Hillary Clinton A Career Criminal

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