Desmontando falsedades sobre Putin y la invasión rusa

Desmontando falsedades sobre Putin y la invasión rusaDesmontando falsedades sobre Putin y la invasión rusa.

El régimen de Putin es un producto del comunismo soviético y está llevando a cabo una nueva versión del Holodomor.


There are a vast number of false narratives involving Ukraine and Russia, within the context of the latter’s invasion of the former. These bogus claims are not coming exclusively from dictator Vladimir Putin’s propaganda news outlets and spokespersons. Some individuals on both the left and the right are echoing these questionable claims. Considering all that is at stake, it is paramount to set things clear and debunk the main falsehoods made by the Putin regime, by those pushing his propaganda, or some well-intentioned thinkers that are framing their arguments on inaccurate premises.

Call it World War III or IV (if one counts the Cold War as a world war), the truth is that aggression from pillars of evil has been in a constant war against the free world. One example is communist China’s asymmetrical warfare since 1978. Another has been the installation of the Putin regime in 2000. It launched another front against free societies, a post-Soviet version. Authoritarian Russia took a mixed combat approach that has been, both, asymmetrical (cyber-attacks, espionage, economic, foreign interference) and traditional (Chechnya, Moldavia, Syria, Georgia, and Ukraine). The besieging of Ukraine, its heroic resistance, and the ensuing genocide have given the West a wake-up call...

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